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Knowlton Township, New Jersey has numerous roadways and highways where driving while intoxicated offenses occur. Route 80 & Knowlton Road both pass through the community of Knowlton Township. These well traveled local & county roadways in Knowlton Township, often lead to a myriad of Knowlton Township DUI charges, Knowlton Township DWI Arrests, Knowlton Township Narcotic Drug Possession Arrests & Knowlton Township NJ Drunk Driving arrests.

If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI in Knowlton Township, New Jersey, it's crucial to immediately contact an aggressive, experienced & knowledgeable DUI defense trial lawyer to represent your legal interests in the Knowlton Township Municipal Court. You need a lawyer who goes to trial on their client's cases, who knows proper cross-examination techniques for police witnesses, and understands Alcotests, blood tests, urine tests, and standard field sobriety tests.

Attorney Thomas Carroll Blauvelt has successfully tried and defended numerous DWI and Refusal Submit to Alcotest cases throughout the entire State of New Jersey. Thomas C. Blauvelt, Esq. has also represented clients charged with driving while under the influence in the Knowlton Township Municipal Court. Tom Blauvelt is a former Municipal Prosecutor for various NJ Municipal Courts as well.

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Thomas Carroll Blauvelt practices in Knowlton Township Drunk Driving Defense, Refusal to Submit to Breath Testing, Underage "Baby" DWI, Knowlton Township Narcotics & Marijuana DWI, Alcohol DUI, Knowlton Township New Jersey Driving While Under the Influence of Prescription Drugs Charges, Knowlton Township NJ Reckless Driving, and all Knowlton Township Criminal Municipal Court matters. Thomas Blauvelt also represents clients in all federal and state superior courts in New Jersey.


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For over 20 years, Mr. Blauvelt has successfully prosecuted and defended numerous DUI, DWI, criminal and traffic cases before the state municipal and federal courts in both New Jersey and New York. Mr. Blauvelt is a former New Jersey Municipal Prosecutor and Public Defender who now focuses his interests in Knowlton Township DWI, DUI Charges, criminal and traffic law throughout the State of New Jersey before all Municipal Courts, Superior Courts, and the NJ DMV.

Defending : DWI Charges in Knowlton Township, DUI Penalties in School Zones, "Baby" DWI Charges in Knowlton Township, NJ DUI Surcharges, Knowlton Township New Jersey CDS & Drug Possession Charges, Refusal Charges, Alcotest Results, Blood Tests, Urine tests, DRE Defense, Psycho-physical Tests, Breath Test Results from Knowlton Township DWI / DUI Charges, DWI Ignition Interlock Device Installation, and Knowlton Township, NJ DUI Trials.

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Knowlton Township, New Jersey :: Knowlton Township, NJ is located in Warren County, adjacent to Columbia, Delaware, Blairstown, Liberty, Marshalls Creek, Mount Bethel, New Jersey. The population of Knowlton Township was just over 3,000 as of 2010. Frank Van Horn is the current mayor of Knowlton Township, New Jersey. Knowlton Township has a total area of just under twenty-six square miles.

The zip code in Knowlton Township, New Jersey is : 07825. The town of Knowlton Township was incorporated on February 21, 1798.

These well traveled roads within Knowlton Township, NJ often lead to an array of Knowlton Township Drunk Driving , Knowlton Township DUI, Knowlton Township NJ DWI Charges, and local Knowlton Township NJ DUI Penalties & Knowlton Township Drug & Narcotic Possession arrests, which lead to the Knowlton Township Municipal Court.